Cyprus Life and the Ingratiating Cypriots

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Once you allow yourself the luxury that living in Cyprus can offer, you will find a wonderfully relaxing, safe and friendly environment. It’s a small and beautiful Island with everything close. Cyprus’s exceptional coastline attracts both visitors and investors from around the world, who enjoy one of the warmest climates and great weather in the Mediterranean. Above all of this the Cypriots are an extremely ingratiating people, extending a warmth and welcome to all, which is second to none.

Known as the Jewel of the Mediterranean the pace of life is virtually stress free and the options to relax in a near perfect outdoor climate are endless. A family destination for visitors and residents alike. The lifestyle in Cyprus has a certain unique quality and you can say that its conducive to good living.


Cyprus enjoys the very best that the Mediterranean climate has to offer, with long dry summers lasting from May till October. While the winters can sometimes be rainy they are generally mild and short and last from December through till February.

Strategic location

The Island is located at the crossroads of three continents giving it a rare and huge attraction for investors geographically. For both business and vacation visitors alike Cypus’s location and her very well connected sea and air routes impact positively on the economy of Cyprus.

Cyprus Investments

Property prices are still relatively low by comparison with other European destinations. There are also real opportunities to invest into Cyprus businesses.

Freehold Property

All property can be owned and passed on to descendants without being subject to inheritance tax. Once purchase property is owned and controlled by the owner and once a property contract is signed its then submitted to the land registry.


Cyprus offers one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe at 12.5%. Additional Cyprus Government incentives also extends to non-domiciled Cyprus Tax residents, making them exempt from Tax on dividends, Capital gains, interest and rent. There is also a double Tax agreement in place with more than forty five countries.

Cyprus Economy

Cyprus has worked hard over these previous recent years and has achieved a now stable economy. Investment into construction and through shipping and tourism are all growing exponentially. 2016 was the positive turning point with growth then reaching 8%.

EU Membership

After joining in 2004 Cyprus is now a truly integrated part of the EU, where the Euro is the Currency and all EU regulatory bodies have introduced improvements and reforms.


Cyprus has earned its well-deserved reputation as being one of the most welcoming, friendly and warm places to visit. Visitors are made to feel welcome and at home in every village and city.

Ease of Access

From both International airports, Larnaca and Paphos, flights have dramatically increased from all parts of the world and since 2014 reaching Cyprus from the Middle East and Europe has been made accessible and affordable.


With Greek being the official language, English and Russian are widely spoken and signs and information are often available both Bilingually or Trilingual .


Very like Greek cuisine and a combination of other influences of French, Italian and Middles eastern cuisines, dining is an essential element of socialising in Cyprus.


With crime rates one of the lowest in Europe and rated the fifth safest country in the world Cyprus is an attractive option for many peoples. It’s a safe Country to live.


State of the art public healthcare coverage is both inexpensive and effective. Private healthcare provides specialty treatment in every area of medicine and it too is relatively inexpensive.


Both public and private education for Primary and Secondary Schools have a reputation for high standards. Private education is accredited. Universities and Colleges in Cyprus are internationally recognized, making them an ideal choice for those wanting to further their studies abroad like to the UK or the US.


Cyprus is home to more than fifty blue-flag award winning beaches making them amongst some of the most beautiful in the world. Some examples of the natural and unspoiled coastline beaches.

Aphrodite Rock and Beach Paphos

Located on the old road passed the charming village of Pissouri on the way to Paphos. Unquestionably one of the most breathtaking panoramas on the Island, you will reach Aphrodite Rock situated amongst some of the most natural coastline of Cyprus. The Sunsets alone make a trip there a must on every visitors list.

Konnos Bay Ayia Napa

Offering some of the clearest, bluest turquoise waters and white sands in Cyprus, you would be forgiven for thinking you had arrived in Paradise. Views and ambiance are beyond words here definitely worth a visit.

Lara Bay, Arkamas Peninsula

Nestled within the stunning Akamas Peninsula nature reserve, another fine example of why Cyprus is a great attraction to so many wanting to connect with nature’s beauty. The views of the Islands west coast are extraordinary.

Porto, Pomos

Located at the western tip o Pomos another remote and natural coastline to enjoy. This is stepping back in to a time where commercialistion has not reached and the extraordinary natural, unspoiled coast line can be thoroughly enjoyed.

Coral Bay, Paphos

A real family day out beach with a huge collection of water sports are on offer. A great day out with plenty of eateries and bars to also enjoy.

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