Aphrodite Hills an Investment Opportunity

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

As with all potential investment opportunities, for a project to be realised, it needs to be investigated thoroughly, taking into account and consideration all the variables from the investment itself and the wider economic picture.

As Aphrodite Hills is a resort with a growing worldwide recognition, it’s attracting investor interest from all corners of the globe and for varying reasons. The underlying principal though is constant - to invest in property at Aphrodite Hills adds up!

The complex itself at Aphodite Hills attract visitors year round, properties there are in constant demand for renting, so for investors thinking about a return on their Investment they can be assured of a steady year round opportunity to have their properties let, in addition and in part because there is a reliable demand for properties to rent, the Aphrodite Hills Property management Company will guarantee a rental income, for at least the first three years on newly built properties. As well as Aphrodite Hills being a vacation destination it is equally a residential complex, also with year round residents. This too allows the market to maintain that higher than average demand for properties, the balance of it being a resort and residence is a huge attraction to investors.

What Aphrodite Hills offers investors seems to be the best of both worlds. A guarantee on income and, all the property management taken out of the equation for the investor, not least, securing a reliable property management company to take care of your investment under different circumstances, which would require full hands and eyes on! The peace of mind for the investor comes with a proper long term property management plan that Aphrodite Hills and the market make possible.

On the wider economic front there is sufficient data to suggest Cyprus’ economy is in good balance. The amount of investment coming into the Island from around the world is significant, as to the infrastructure projects that have an immediate effect on the economy. The Limassol Casino resort, now under construction, will deliver over 4000 jobs and once completed an additional 500,000 visitors to the island per year as well as the huge revenues for the Government. There is too the natural Gas finds and untapped energy resources, gas fields, that are equal to the world’s total annual consumption. This will materialise into significant revenue for Cyprus. Other indicators, like commercial office space sales increased by 11.5% in 2018, as companies relocate or set up offices on the island. It too is good reason to believe the economy is growing at a comfortable and balanced pace.

Cyprus has always been an attractive option for both investors and business people alike, its open free market service based economy and its geographical location between East and West seems to hold more attraction and value today than ever before. With its English speaking population and a British law system and an economy growing at comfortable pace, all things seem to add up for Cyprus too.

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