Cyprus (EU) Citizenship by Investment Program

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

The most simple and efficient way to obtain Cyprus Passport and EU Citizenship within 6 months.

Cyprus offers a secure and straightforward route to the European citizenship through the Cyprus Investment Program. Applications can include children and parents of the applicant and parents of the applicant’s spouse. The simplification of a naturalisation through investment process and a no residency requirement, makes Cyprus one of the most attractive destinations for EU Citizenship.

Advantages of the Cyprus Investment Program

Investor and his family have unrestricted rights to live, work, travel, study and have business in any of the EU member states as well as in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland;

The Cyprus passport is one of the most valuable passports in the world for visa-free travel (173 countries);

Dual citizenship is permitted and there is no requirement to reside in Cyprus;

The passport is issued also for the investor’s spouse and all financially dependent children up to the age of 28 years;

The investor’s parents are entitled to apply for citizenship provided that they are owners of a Cyprus property worth at least 500,000 Euro;

Cyprus passports are issued within 6 months. No language exam is required;

Minimum investment required is 2,000,000 Euro;

The investment must be kept just for 3 years. After that the assets can be sold except for the private residence property of the minimum value of 500,000 Euro;

No donation to the Cyprus Government is required (until May 2019).

Cyprus (EU) Citizenship Investment Options

Naturalisation in one of Europe’s most exciting destinations also delivers visa free access to one hundred and seventy three countries. By fulfilling one of the following four financial criteria or a combination thereof, as an eligible applicant, Cypriot EU Citizenship by investment can be applied for.

Property Investment

An investment amount of not less than 2 million Euros either in property purchase or building construction-which can either be a single property purchase or portfolio. The investment may also include land development projects.

Purchase or Participation in Cypriot Companies

The applicant may invest an amount of not less than 2 million Euros in either purchasing, starting or participating in a Cypriot business. The Criteria being the business must have a physical presence in Cyprus and must employ at least five Cypriots.

Investment in Cypriot Organizations Licensed by CySEC

Investments of at least 2 million Euro’s in alternative investment funds or in financial assets of Cyprus companies or organisations licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Combination of investments

Alternatively, any combination of the above, amounting to the required minimum 2 million Euros investment, which may also include investment into Government bonds, of up to a value of 500,000 Euro’s, is also an option. 

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